Stockholm Exergi

BECCS (Bio Energy Carbon Capture) Stockholm Project

Stockholm Exergi is one of Fimpec Sweden’s largest clients, and we support them with resources in project management and pipe design in their largest project ever, BECCS (Bio Energy Carbon Capture) Stockholm.


Clean Energy


Project & Construction Management

About the project

BECCS Stockholm is an ongoing project that started a couple of years ago, where carbon dioxide from the combustion of biofuel is separated from the flue gases for permanent storage. The aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and it is estimated that the total reduced volume will amount to 800,000 tons per year, which corresponds to more than the fossil emissions from Stockholm’s road traffic over the course of a year.

Fimpec’s role in the project

Fimpec’s role in the project includes sub-project management for documentation. This means that Fimpec is responsible for the management and requirements specification for the technical documentation of the facility in the project.

Fimpec’s sub-project manager serves as the point of contact between the project, suppliers, and the maintenance organization for all technical documentation issues in the project. The sub-project manager works to ensure good final deliveries of documentation from the project, thereby creating good conditions for the operation and maintenance of the facility in the future.

Additionally, Fimpec has a role in pipe design for BoP (Balance of Plant). We are responsible for the redesign of process pipes due to the new location of the BECCS facility in the energy port and are currently involved in the design of connecting pipelines and pipe racks.

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