The Story of CTS Engtec Oy

The present


Formation of the Fimpec group

CTS Engtec Oy, Fimpec Oy, and Fundacon Oy began operating under the common name Fimpec on May 26, 2021. Simultaneously, the group company Smaragdus Oy changed its name to Fimpec Group Oy. Fimpec defines itself as a top specialist in project management and engineering.


Revenue of CTS Engtec exceeds 13 million euros

CTS Engtec’s revenue was 13.7 million euros, with a staff of 144 at the end of the year.


CTS Engtec Oy acquires the business of Karibu Oy

Karibu Oy, a Jyväskylä-based HVAC engineering firm, operated in the field of mechanical, HVAC, and industrial engineering. The company, which had been in operation for 30 years, had a revenue of 1 million euros in 2018 and employed 8 people.


CTS Engtec acquires System Test OÜ

The Estonian company System Test OÜ, based in Tallinn, specialized in industrial automation system engineering and installation. At the time of the acquisition, the company employed 15 people.


CTS Engtec Oy acquires Jeec Oy

Jeec Oy was a Jyväskylä-based automation engineering firm with a revenue of 1.5 million euros in 2017 and a staff of 17.


Smaragdus group becomes the owner of CTC Engtec Oy

The new majority owner was the Smaragdus group, managed by the venture capital firm Helmet Capital. As part of the ownership base expansion, CTS Engtec Oy decided on a restructuring program, paying off the remaining obligations of the company well ahead of schedule.


Corporate reorganization for CTS Engtec

In the early 2010s, prolonged financial crises and international economic downturns affected CTS Engtec Oy’s operations. A turning point was reached when creditors approved the company’s decision to enter corporate reorganization in 2013. After this, the business resumed growth.


Establishment of regional offices and subsidiary in Russia for CTS Engtec

CTS Engtec Oy established regional offices in Turku, Oulu, and Espoo, as well as a subsidiary, OOO CTS Engtec, in Russia. The total workforce was around 170.


Expansion of CTS Engtec Oy into new sectors

CTS Engtec Oy expanded its operations into various industrial sectors, including mining, metal, chemical, and petrochemical industries, as well as the ICT sector, starting from 2008. The operation grew rapidly.


Management buys ÅF-CTS Oy, renamed CTS Engtec Oy

Antti Lukka, Harri Soininen, and Jari Talkka acquired the majority of shares in ÅF-CTS Oy. The company was renamed CTS Engtec Oy. The workforce numbered around 130.


ÅF Group acquires CTS Engineering Oy

CTS Engineering became a Finnish subsidiary of the ÅF Group, under the name ÅF-CTS Oy.


CTS Engineering Oy acquires Enprima Oy

The energy production unit Enprima Oy became part of CTS Engineering.


Collaboration agreement with the ÅF Group

Through a strategic alliance with the Swedish consulting and engineering group ÅF Group, international expertise and positioning in Central Europe were sought.


Revenue of 15 million euros, staff of 230

During the 1990s, investments in the forest industry increased, and CTS Engineering received several significant orders, particularly in pulp investments. In addition to the forest industry, the company was involved in power plant engineering, among other sectors.


Company’s 25th anniversary

On July 31, 1988, the city of Kouvola awarded CTS Engineering Oy a 75th anniversary medal for its successful development of the Finnish engineering industry and extensive exports from Kouvola.


Management and staff buy CTS Engineering Oy

The management and some of the staff bought CTS Engineering Oy and continued its operations after the parent company, Ekono Oy, went bankrupt in 1993. At that time, the company employed a few dozen people.


Revenue of 160 million Finnish marks

The group achieved its best result amid the ongoing recession.


Name change to CTS Engineering Oy

Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy changed its name to CTS Engineering Oy.


Exceeding 500 employees

In 1989, Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy and its subsidiaries employed approximately 550 people, including 460 in Kouvola, 48 in Helsinki, and 43 in the Kalottkonsult office. During the 1980s, Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy was involved in most significant wood processing industry new construction, renovation, and modification projects in Finland. The company also expanded internationally, with subsidiaries and joint ventures operating in Sweden, Spain, Estonia, and Brazil. Its operations expanded from the forest industry to several other industrial sectors.


Completion of Kaikukadun premises

Fimpec still operates in the same building in Kouvola to this day.


Ekono Oy becomes the owner of Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy

Ekono Oy acquired 70% of Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy.


Establishment of CTS Engineering Oy

CTS Engineering Oy was established for export operations alongside Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy.


The era of CAD begins

The first two CAD workstations were put into operation.


Exceeding 200 employees

During its first ten years, Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy was involved in 9 paper machines, 2 pulp mills, 19 major renovation projects for paper and pulp mills, and numerous investment studies and profitability calculations.


Establishment of Oy Kalottkonsult AB

Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy, in collaboration with Polartek Oy, established Oy Kalottkonsult AB in Kemi for detailed engineering work. The workforce peaked at 40 employees.


Establishment of HVAC and energy units

With large projects, Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy expanded first into electrical and instrumentation engineering, and then into HVAC engineering. New units were established to meet this need.


Acquisition of Insinööritoimisto Kaarlo Amberla

Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy acquired Insinööritoimisto Kaarlo Amberla from Helsinki, the first wood processing industry engineering office in Finland, mainly engaged in international projects. The staff increased by 12 experts, and international export projects commenced.


Exceeding 40 employees

Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy experienced rapid growth, particularly due to projects in the paper industry. The operation of electrical and instrumentation engineering departments began early on, allowing the company to offer customers a complete engineering package.


Establishment of Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy

Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy was founded by engineers Heikki Hakala, Eero Nevalainen, and Ahti Nousiainen. The founding meeting was held on May 18, 1973, and the company was registered on June 20, 1973. The company’s first project involved participating in the engineering of a paper machine delivered to North Korea by Ahlström and Rauma Repola Oy in the Sulbi project. By the end of 1973, the company employed 14 people.