The Story of Smaragdus Oy

The present


Formation of the Fimpec group

CTS Engtec Oy, Fimpec Oy, and Fundacon Oy began operating under the common name Fimpec on May 26, 2021. Simultaneously, the group company Smaragdus Oy changed its name to Fimpec Group Oy. Fimpec defines itself as a top specialist in project management and engineering.


Total revenue of Smaragdus group companies reaches 25.7 million euros

The combined revenue of companies within the Smaragdus group was 25.7 million euros in 2020. The staff consisted of 260 employees working in 7 countries.


Smaragdus acquires Fundacon Oy

Established in 1988, Fundacon Oy specialized in project management and consulting in the energy sector. The company employed 6 people.


Smaragdus acquires a share of HeatConsult OÜ

The Estonian company HeatConsult OÜ specialized in project management and consulting for district heating and gas networks. In 2020, the company had 16 employees.


Smaragdus group becomes the owner of Fimpec Oy

The founding shareholders sold Fimpec Oy to the Smaragdus group on February 6, 2019.


Smaragdus group becomes the owner of CTC Engtec Oy

The new majority owner was the Smaragdus group, managed by the venture capital firm Helmet Capital. As part of the ownership base expansion, CTS Engtec Oy decided on a restructuring program, paying off the remaining obligations of the company well ahead of schedule.