Drummers set the beat for their band

Fimpec’s Head of Operations Tomi Vainio is not content with the ordinary. His workdays are full of variety and challenges: he acts as a supervisor, shifts smoothly to sales meetings, and manages administrative tasks at the central Finland and Jyväskylä offices. A momentary respite from his hectic schedule is offered by his band’s practice space whose doors open onto a world entirely its own.

A supervisor for the team

Tomi is his team’s supervisor and roadie, offering support and advice in challenging situations. Even though he isn’t an expert on each of his team members’ areas of competence, he understands his team’s work and can recognise each person’s unique talents and strengths. This bolsters team spirit and openness and facilitates the planning of work.

Tomi has worked at Fimpec Group since 2019 and has gotten to know his colleagues and customers inside out. This is the underlying theme of Tomi’s supervisory and customer work.

“My goal is to act fairly and with an open mind in all situations. I want my colleagues to be able to trust that I’m on their side,” Tomi explains. He especially appreciates the feedback he has received that he acts fairly, openly and consistently.

Understanding goes a long way in customer work

Working with customers challenges Tomi to continuously develop and learn new things. The growing demand for green transition energy services has been conspicuous on the markets in recent years. Tomi applies the proven supervisory models to customer work, too.

“At Fimpec, we have developed services from the customer’s perspective. Genuine understanding is just as important in customer work as in supervisory work,” Tomi points out. “Our rapidly growing company can offer customers a wide array of services in different demanding projects and understanding the customer’s needs is key to a successful project.”

Humour as a tool

Interaction and openness are important values to Tomi. He wants to create open dialogue around himself, without forgetting humour, which helps lighten the mood even when things get serious.

“Injecting some humour into a serious discussion can be effective and profitable. Being yourself has the most long-lasting results. It also doesn’t hurt to laugh,” Tomi adds with a smile.

Rhythm in his blood

Alongside his work, Tomi has a second life in music. His passion for playing drums began when he was young, and music has been his companion throughout his life. His musical genres have ranged from choral music to heavy rock in many different bands over the years.

Sometimes he’s taken his music seriously, almost like work, but he is no longer interested in being too earnest about it. Playing in a band offers him another outlet for his creativity. He becomes fully immersed when executing a drum solo.

These days, Tomi plays drums in a few different bands and mostly for his own pleasure. “I hope others enjoy it too,” Tomi adds.

Understanding and openness support creativity

“Strong interactive skills are crucial, also for the members of a band. Each member brings something unique to our performance and has their own views. I want to create open dialogue where everyone is heard. In collaboration, decisions are made collectively and fairly, which increases the team spirit and lays a foundation for success,” Tomi explains.

Just like in his supervisory work, Tomi bases his actions on his values. Both when working at Fimpec and when playing music, he is authentically himself. Music gives him the opportunity to be creative in a different way than at work, and the two areas of his life balance each other out.

“I have something of my own every day at Fimpec,” Tomi concludes.

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