Internship at Fimpec has brought Emilia Timonen confidence, new lessons, and versatile experiences

During her internship, Fimpec’s intern Emilia Timonen has been able to do the construction engineering and design work she is studying. At the same time her skills and confidence have increased.

I am studying civil engineering at Xamk, in Kotka and I am oriented in the field of construction design. Construction has always interested me, and I know that the sector employs well. During my studies however, my interest towards construction design has only increased.

Design interests me in particular because I know that in the end it will become something concrete, and I get to think what would be the best option at each stage of the work. In design I get to see the end result, the mark of my own hands.

At Fimpec I work in the construction design and technical calculation unit. Especially during the past summer I’ve gotten to do practically the design assignments I’m studying. During this and last summer I have designed steel structures and maintenance levels as well as done foundation design and footing sizing. My work tasks during my second internship summer have been more versatile, which has been motivating. I have been able to develop, and it feels nice that at Fimpec people trust my competence. Last summer I learned a lot and this summer I have been able to utilize the knowledge I learned then.

It was natural for me to come back to Fimpec after last summer. I applied here again because the job description is meaningful, and colleagues are nice. It felt good to return and I have not regretted it at all!

In summer 2020 I found CTS Engtec, which today is Fimpec, through a classmate. When my friend told me about CTS Engtec I was interested right away. I sent an application and got a response quickly. When you are a student and looking for work, you often notice that employers don’t answer at all or you might get an automatic reply. From CTS Engtec I got a reply quickly and immediately got an interview, and in the end got the job! I’m very happy with the recruitment process because everything went smoothly and conveniently.

Versatile assignments and self-confidence in work

One of the highlights during my internship has been a visit to the UPM Kymi factory. There I was able to see in practice two places for which I did design work. For one place I designed a lifting rail and for another I started to design a maintenance level.

It was great to see what the places look like in “real life”, it helps to better perceive for example distances. And the factory environment is otherwise interesting as well. As a whole, the visit to UPM was a good experience. When I said I was interested in going there, it felt good to notice that my whish was taken into account and the visit was carried out quickly

My work at Fimpec has been very versatile overall, at times I have had smaller jobs and sometimes larger entities. Each project and assignment is different, which keeps the work interesting. During these two summers I have actually learned much more than during my studies. Now I have been able to do in practice the things that we go through in theory while studying.

My confidence has also increased, because here the intern is listened to. For example, the factory visit was carried out quickly when I said I was interested. At Fimpec people are also interested in the intern’s opinion and help, so it is really good to be here. The so-called intern status has not affected the attitudes of other employees and the work environment is positive and fun.

Fimpec is a good place for an employee

Fimpec is a good and flexible employer. I can express my opinions to superiors, and I can ask them anything. Everything has been effortless ever since the internship application. I feel that operations at Fimpec are open and communication between employees is fast, not forgetting the relaxed environment and humor.

I have also recommended Fimpec to my classmates and this summer I have gotten to work with a friend who got an internship at Fimpec. I would also gladly continue working at Fimpec. These assignments interest me and I would like to see what the future has in store for Fimpec.

I want to emphasize that if you are interested in Fimpec, you should apply, because here they are truly interested in interns and their work. From Fimpec you won’t receive any automatic replies, but things will be handled flexibly and quickly. I don’t want to sound like a cliché when I say that Fimpec is a good place to work, because it’s true. It is really nice to be here, everything is effortless, the work community is relaxed and positive and most importantly you get to do truly interesting work here.

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