Construction work begins at P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta

Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant project has progressed to the construction phase. P2X Solutions is managing the project, while Fimpec is in charge of procurement, scheduling, site supervision and HSEQ.

Earthworks and piling work has begun at P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta. Preparations at the site started already in the summer. According to the schedule, construction work on the actual facilities will begin at the turn of the year, and the plant will be finished in summer 2024.

According to Fimpec’s Jorma Paananen, Business Unit Director and the project co-ordinator, the project has proceeded well, although its pioneering nature does bring along some special challenges. He says that thanks to the smooth co-operation between all the parties, the project is now beginning to take shape.

“As the first of its kind in Finland, this is an important project for us. There have been challenges, but the project has also offered us an opportunity to make use of Fimpec’s expertise in procurement and renewable energy. Our specialists have done a lot of work especially when it comes to equipment purchases,” says Paananen.

So far, eight people from Fimpec have been involved in the project.

Fimpec involved in the construction of new plants

The green hydrogen plant project in Harjavalta may be the first for P2X Solutions, but the company has new projects in the pipeline in different parts of Finland. P2X Solutions and the utility Savon Voima, for example, have joined forces to explore the possibility of producing green hydrogen and e-fuels in Joensuu.

Fimpec will also be involved in P2X Solutions’ future projects, in accordance with the co-operation framework agreement concluded in January 2022. The agreement covers consultation services for multiple projects. According to Paananen, the long-term framework agreement enables a solid, mutually beneficial partnership in such complex projects.

“The agreement makes it simple and flexible for P2X Solutions to order any work covered by the framework agreement. One of the benefits is also that it gives us time and an opportunity to prepare for labour needs and identify and assign the right experts to each task,” he says.

A pioneering plant that promotes the green transition

The Harjavalta plant will be the first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Finland. The plant’s production capacity will be 20 MW, and the facility will reduce Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions by 40,000 metric tonnes per year. The heat and oxygen generated as by-products of the process can be utilized in industrial processes.

The direct and indirect employment effects of the construction phase of the project will be approximately 350 man-years. The facility is expected to create approximately 50 permanent jobs, directly and indirectly.

Green hydrogen and its downstream products promote the green transition of land and maritime transport and industry, and contribute to Finland’s energy self-sufficiency.

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P2X Solutions is a Finnish pioneer in green hydrogen and Power-to-X technology. We are accelerating the rise of the hydrogen market holistically and innovatively in all areas of the value chain. We operate as a producer and distributor of green hydrogen and synthetic fuel, and we deliver hydrogen plants in a customer-oriented manner, if necessary, on a turnkey basis. We will make the world cleaner – together.

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