Fimpec donates the funds allo­cated for Christmas 2023 customer gifts to the Good Holiday Spirit col­lection

Instead of distributing customer gifts, Fimpec will donate 5,000 euros to the Good Holiday Spirit collection during Christmas 2023. The donation target was chosen by Fimpec’s personnel.

In lieu of distributing Christmas gifts to clients, Fimpec has decided to contribute 5,000 euros to charity, following the tradition of recent years. This year, the chosen beneficiary is the Good Holiday Spirit collection organized by the Finnish Red Cross, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, and Yle, which aims to provide food gift cards to low-income families with children so they can purchase food for their Christmas table.

Gift cards worth 70 euros will be distributed to families with children residing in Finland. The recipient families of the gift cards are facing difficult situations due to factors such as unemployment, illness, excessive debt, low family income, or other crisis situations.

This year, the personnel chose the donation target through a collective vote, and individuals had the opportunity to openly justify their choice. Our staff felt that by participating in the Good Holiday Spirit collection, we can contribute to enabling the celebration of Christmas in homes where it might otherwise not be possible.

We hope that the donation brings Christmas joy to those families who need it the most.

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Maiju Hirvikallio

Chief Marketing Officer


+358 50 560 9707

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