Fimpec expands into business management consulting – Panu Rahikka named Managing Director of Fimpec Consulting Oy

The energy sector and companies in related fields need even more support to find the right direction and make investment decisions as they keep pace with the energy transformation. We have responded to this need by establishing Fimpec Consulting Oy.

Fimpec, which produces specialist, engineering and project management services for the energy sector, is concentrating its consulting expertise in energy markets and business in Fimpec Consulting Oy. Panu Rahikka will start as the new unit’s Managing Director on 1 March 2023. He will report to the CEO of Fimpec Group Oy, Jukka Nieminen.

Panu Rahikka (53) has had a long career with the multinational consulting company Capgemini. He has extensive experience of management tasks in specialist organisations, business management consulting and IT consulting. Prior to joining Fimpec, Rahikka headed Capgemini’s Engineering business in Finland.

“We have been getting an increasing number of requests from our customers for support in their strategy work and investment plans. We established Fimpec Consulting to provide support to decision-makers in the energy sector. We will also expand our operations to other industries besides the energy sector. We are currently recruiting new specialists in order to expand the service,” says Jukka Nieminen.

“Being involved in the green transition with leading specialists in the sector is highly motivating. I believe I can bring to the new unit a vision and approaches to business management consulting that will contribute to both our organisation’s and our customers’ success,” says Panu Rahikka.

Customers need information about new energy solutions and technologies and alternative strategies

“Besides well-established energy companies, our customers include, for example, early-stage growth companies and project developers of Power-to-X solutions and wind and solar power. However, our services are also well-suited to companies outside the energy sector, such as industrial companies that target carbon neutrality and, for example, municipalities that are contemplating their own energy strategy,” explains Jussi-Pekka Kuivala, Director, Energy Consulting, Fimpec Consulting Oy.

Fimpec Consulting offers the management of companies operating at the heart of the energy transformation independent consultation services when they seek a new direction and new business opportunities. Among the key services are different types of strategy work, market surveys, investment assessments and feasibility studies.

“We are looking into good investment opportunities and services that we can produce to help companies respond to the challenges posed by the energy transformation and competition,” Kuivala sums up.

» Photo of Panu Rahikka for PR

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Nieminen, CEO, Fimpec Group Oy
tel. +358 40 557 4547 or jukka.nieminen(at)

Panu Rahikka, Managing Director, Fimpec Consulting Oy
tel. +358 44 090 4266 or panu.rahikka(at)

More about Fimpec Consulting Oy’s services

Fimpec Consulting Oy offers its customers comprehensive consulting services to support decision-making in the energy sector. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of energy solutions and technologies, as well as insight into the energy markets and energy business. Our special areas of expertise are hydrogen solutions and Power-to-X solutions and the related green electricity production, and the heating and cooling markets.

Our management consulting services include:

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