Renovation of property on Arkadiankatu street

Pohjola Property Management wanted to refurbish its valuable real estate on Arkadiankatu Street into modern business premises. Fimpec Oy brought to the project the experience and insight required by the customer for project management and planning control.

Arkadiankatu 23 is a valuable property completed in 1934, former head office of OP, near the Helsinki city centre. Within the framework of the project that has lasted for several years and still continues, modern business premises are being built in the property. The refurbishment has been carried out in stages; eventually, it expanded to include the entire building. Within the framework of the project, the building has been completely demolished and rebuilt on the inside. The building services have also been completely renewed.

Because of the property’s age, there have been some surprises. Among other things, hazardous materials and old systems in poor shape have been found there. Nevertheless, we have responded to the problems and adhered to the schedule, and the tenants have been able to move in to their premises on time.

Fimpec’s role in the Arkadiankatu project

Fimpec joined the project in autumn 2014, when planning of the renovation project commenced. Fimpec has been responsible for acting as the developer’s guardian, steering the project in general, and managing the planning. Due to the nature of the project, there have been many changes to it over the years. Because of this, Fimpec’s experience in managing large entities and changing situations has proven to be very useful.

Consideration of the special requirements of the customer’s real estate investment activities has been important for the project. For this purpose, numerous different calculations and reports have been prepared by Fimpec to support the developer’s investment decisions, which has allowed us to serve the customer’s needs well.

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