CEO’s Holiday Greetings

Fimpec expresses gratitude to its customers and partners for a successful growth year in 2023!

In particular, the trust of customers in the industrial and energy sectors has expanded us into a company of over 430 experts, poised to achieve a turnover of 50 million euros this year. Thank you for the trust and skilled collaboration!

The external world has shown its gloominess as interest rates slowed investment decisions, inflation eroded margins, and general uncertainty gnawed at minds. At the same time, our order backlog and quotations are at record levels. There are grounds to face the future with confidence. Together with our partners, we will support our customers in the coming year to execute demanding projects safely, profitably, and exceeding expectations.

Throughout the year, we have demonstrated the competitiveness of our project management services in new industries. The quality of our engineering services has proven to be high. Our consulting services address questions of the energy transition as the hydrogen economy unfolds gradually. Our expanding operations in Sweden, Estonia, and South America create new growth opportunities.

Fimpec has sharpened its strategy. We grow especially as an enabler of clean transition projects driven by technological development, being locally present for our customers. We see opportunities in the energy sector changes, the hydrogen economy, the evolving bioindustries, as well as in the fields of minerals and critical minerals. People tend to overestimate changes in the short term but underestimate their impacts over a longer period.

The work continues, but now is the time to enjoy some rest.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year 2024!

Jukka Nieminen
CEO, Chief Executive Officer, Fimpec Group

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