CTS Engtec’s Offices in Jyväskylä Moved to Tourula

CTS Engtec’s new address in Jyväskylä is Matarankatu 4. In the future, the local mechanical engineering, HVAC engineering and automation programming units will be operating in the same premises.

From January 1st, CTS Engtec’s new address in Jyväskylä is Matarankatu 4. The move to the new premises was influenced by the desire to bring the offices in Jyväskylä under the same roof. Common office facilities provide better support to diversification of services and growth in the number of staff.

“In 2019, we have made significant investments in customer service in Central Finland and uniting our offices under the same roof already came up in connection with the Karibu asset deal. We are now able to operate even better at the same location, and the premises have been renovated to meet our needs,” says Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec.

The new premises are located in Jyväskylä downtown, which facilitates access to the office. The renovation enables to better adapt the premises to modern open work culture and operating models.

“Our work culture is based on teamwork, which is why the importance of common space was emphasized in the new solution of the premises. We can now offer better services to our customers,” states Tomi Vainio, Regional Manager of Mechanical Engineering and HVAC Engineering.

With the exception of address, all contact details of CTS Engtec will remain the same.

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