Saku Virtanen to become installation management service manager at Fimpec

Saku Virtanen will be responsible for Fimpec’s installation management service sales and resource allocation in the industrial sector.

Mechanical and production technology engineer Saku Virtanen was appointed as Fimpec Oy’s installation management service manager for the industrial sector from January 2021. He is responsible for the sales and resource allocation of installation management services. In addition to his tasks as an installation management supervisor, his job description also includes project management, budgeting, and scheduling. Virtanen’s role also increasingly includes the operative management of Fimpec’s subsidiary in Chile.

Virtanen has over 10 years of experience in the industrial sector working with the automation, marine, energy, bioindustry, and chemical industries. Before joining Fimpec, he worked at a consulting firm where he was responsible for installation supervision, project management, and sales.

Virtanen was familiar with Fimpec from previous projects. He says that in the competitive field, Fimpec’s installation management services place particular emphasis on customer orientation and years of ironclad experience. Fimpec genuinely listens to the customers it works with. Virtanen also wants to work determinedly, with the same attitude.

“I will bring perseverance, expertise, and my energy to Fimpec. I always want to find the best possible solution for the customer through open communication and the genuine will to ascertain the customer’s needs. Fimpec offers installation management services that are customised to meet the needs of the customer. The company’s approach is customer-oriented and cost-efficient. Fimpec’s strategy is to safeguard the customer’s interests and act accordingly.”

The advantages of a low-hierarchy organisation, like agility, interested Virtanen.

“My move to Fimpec went well and I received support and guidance right from the start. Fimpec offered me the opportunity to challenge myself with tasks involving greater responsibility, which really motivate me. People are easy to approach, and we can communicate openly with colleagues and supervisors. Fimpec is run flexibly.”

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