Our projects

Fimpec has implemented thousands of commissions across a range of industries in in dozens of countries. A large number of our projects are confidential, and as such we cannot disclose any information about them, but the examples on this page will provide an idea of what we’ve been up to in recent years.


KOY Rautalammintien Huippu

The eight-storey apartment building, 133 student flats

Project management, building systems supervision, construction supervision, cost monitoring and safety co-ordinator and moisture control co-ordinator tasks.

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2020– Finland, Kemi

Metsä Group

Kemi bioproduct mill

Construction management consulting services during the project engineering phase. Project management and site supervision services for construction and mechanical engineering during the construction phase.

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2020– Finland, Kajaani

Rohe Solutions Oy

Kainuun Voima Oy’s LNG station

Project management, documentation management, and site supervision services.

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2020–2028 Finland, Espoo

Länsimetro Oy

Länsimetro expansion

Expert services framework (project management and construction management services, building systems services, track technology services).

2020–2023 Finland, Turku

Turun Seudun Puhdistamo Oy

Project to increase removal channel capacity

Construction management and project management:

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2020 Finland, Kotka

Kotkamills Oy

Replacement of the upper parts of drum displacers in the pulp mill’s washing line

Process, electrical and mechanical engineering.

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2020 Finland

Ilmatar Energy Oy

Pre-preparation of wind power projects

Pre-preparation work in the Alajärvi, Kurikka, Kumppila, Urjala and Somero wind power projects.

2019– Uruguay, Montevideo


Port terminal

Construction management and site management tasks as part of the owner’s implementation organisation.

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2019– Finland

Bioenergo Oy

Bioconversion plant project

Implementation stage chief engineer: incl. conversion of a fine paper machine into a paperboard machine, increasing of drying machine capacity, engineering of connections between departments.

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