At Fimpec, we believe that a successful infrastructure construction project should be easy and effortless for the customer – and as a skilled partner, that’s what we provide.

Fimpec’s infrastructure construction services include all project engineering, engineering management and the preparation of decisions for contract tendering, project management and supervision tasks on site, including safety coordinator tasks.  Our flexible operating method and our professionals’ extensive experience with different infrastructure projects and project models allows us to complete a project in the best possible way, meeting the customer’s expectations.

We can take either responsibility for an entire infrastructure construction project or offer our services separately as the needs of the project require. We always agree on the division of labour on a case-specific basis, but our competence is most useful when we act as our customer’s partner to safeguard their interests throughout the entire project. In such cases, we are able to monitor the project’s costs, schedule, the quality of the implementation phase, and safety – and we make the project easy and effortless for the customer. Our services are available in various infrastructure projects and as part of wider projects that involve infrastructure construction.

Our infrastructure construction management customers include the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY centres), cities and municipalities, and companies in various industries. We engage in continuous collaboration with many customers and have implemented several projects together. Our services are available in various fields of infrastructure construction management:

Transport routes, such as roads, streets, railways, other traffic areas and related complex structures, such as bridges and other special structures. One of our growing services is to act as a surfacing expert and supervisor.

Waterway construction infrastructure projects, such as hydropower plants, fishways, canals and harbour structures, and water treatment plants.

Energy industry infrastructure projects, such as hydropower plants and wind power projects, plus district heating, electricity and gas networks.