Industrial projects require special expertise and an understanding of the particular needs of industrial construction. Fimpec has this competence in both project management and engineering.

Fimpec’s experts have been involved in engineering and implementing a large number of significant bioproduct, forest, chemical and mining industry projects in Finland and all over the world. In addition to large-scale projects, we have also taken part in countless smaller projects for a range of industrial sectors.

Our experience means that we are familiar with and understand the particular needs of industrial construction. The high number of projects that we have engineered and completed have contributed to our unique know-how of the different areas of engineering, project scheduling, the time required for engineering and construction, and various project models. For example, we are able to utilise our expertise with the energy industry in energy efficiency-related solutions for industrial projects.

Industrial investments highlight the significance of the preparation phase. During this phase, crucial decisions on engineering, schedule and construction are made, and preconditions for the successful implementation of the project are set. That’s why the preparation phase is the best time to involve Fimpec’s experts in a project. At that point, our knowledge of completed projects can be implemented at the right time and we will be able to help you to form a realistic idea of the project.

We can act as engineering, procurement, and construction managers (EPCM) in industrial projects, manage a project on our customer’s behalf or as their assistant, or offer the necessary engineering and project management services for a specific project phase. One of our strengths is our integrated project delivery (IPD) implementation method, which revolves around acting as part of the customer’s project organisation.