Mechanical installation work in industrial and energy industry investment projects and its seamless coordination with actual construction work guarantee that a project progresses in a controlled way according to plans. Managing and supervising such installations is one of Fimpec’s areas of special expertise, which we have acquired through numerous industrial industry projects all over the world.

Our practical experience enables us to safeguard our customers’ interests and to ensure that project installation work progresses smoothly. Our expertise is put to best use when we are involved in a project from the earliest possible phase. That is when can best provide project management and engineers with our practical and experience-based competence, identify potential problems in advance, and explain what needs to be considered in engineering and implementation.

We recommend purchasing our installation management and supervision services as a single package. This means that we take overall responsibility and provide an experienced project manager/site foreman, profiled professional and committed supervisors, and our own customer-recommended operating model, in which we act as part of the customer’s organisation.

What the service offers

  • A cost-effective and high-quality way to handle installation work.
  • Our ability to anticipate and coordinate installation work needs, and to identify potential problems during the engineering phase.
  • Dealing with safety matters.
  • Our experienced experts, trusted by our customers project after project. In addition to installation management, our experts have extensive expertise and an in-depth understanding of construction management.
  • Our ability and competence in transparently acting as part of the customer’s organisation and understanding the customer’s needs.