We handle all tasks relating to building systems construction management, such as cost calculations, engineering tendering, and project and supervision services for the construction phase. Fimpec’s established project management model ensures that the project meets the set quality criteria.

Our experts have a wide range of expertise with building systems engineering and contracting. Decades of experience means we are also very familiar with the official side of things. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to complete even challenging building systems projects for commercial and office construction, public construction, and industrial investment sites.

What the service offers

  • Purpose-made HVAC and electricity plans that meet quality criteria and consider the ease of installation.
  • Realistic scheduling of engineering work and plans completed at the right time.
  • Quality, energy efficiency and indoor air quality requirements are met.
  • Comprehensive building systems management based on extensive experience.
  • A positive, open, and solution-oriented management approach.