Our team has solid experience in the time management of large and demanding projects. We systematically manage the progress of a construction project from the project engineering phase to production and commissioning of a building. The time management carried out by our team combines engineering management, procurement and production into a seamless whole. Our work involves increasing the efficiency of projects and minimising waste with the LEAN method.

Services for construction project schedule management

  • strategic scheduling of the project engineering phase
  • management and guidance of the engineering schedule
  • planning the overall schedule and procurements
  • construction phase schedule planning and guidance
  • Last Planner, Pull planning and Takt planning (LEAN methods)
  • 4D visualisation, information model-based schedule planning
  • schedule coordination between the project’s parties
  • representing the customer in scheduling matters in engineering, worksite, co-operation and schedule meetings.

Time-based risks are managed before they materialise, using digital tools and predictive management. Our goal is for each project to proceed on schedule and within budget. Time management, combined with our information model expertise and cost expertise, form a seamless package that supports the construction project.

What the service offers

  • Good time management enables higher quality production, efficient logistics and worksite well-being.
  • By sticking to the project’s targeted schedule, you can avoid significant contract dispute risks.
  • Scheduling professionals engineer and steer the project.
  • A scheduling coordinator ensures that communication between engineering, procurement and production is seamless and that the coordination of schedules works.
  • Diverse experience in traditional and new scheduling methods and technology.
  • As a seasoned assessor of contract disputes, we know what type of management will help you avoid them.