Using a Building Information Model (BIM), a project is built visually and virtually, starting with project engineering, to support the information required in making project decisions and to serve the maintenance of the project.

Fimpec’s cost management unit combines construction projects’ digital data in a unique way. Our underlying principle that makes us stands out from the competition is BIM – QIM – LEAN.

  • BIM Digital information management based on an information model
  • QIM Quantity and cost information management
  • LEAN Process and time management

We offer information model coordination, consultation and management, with experience from more than 300 projects. We manage information models (BIM) reliably, consistently and cost-effectively to serve a project’s goals from engineering to production and maintenance.

Information model manager:

  • Manages the model objectives and information modelling for demanding projects.
  • Safeguards the customer’s interests in projects’ information models.
  • Is responsible for developing the model processes at the company level.

Information model coordinator:

  • Ensures consistent plans.
  • Carries out the information models’ quality assurance.
  • Supports engineering management and coordination.
  • Ensures the availability of the model information for procurement, calculation and production.

With the help of our team, the information modelling of a project will proceed correctly from day one and improve the efficiency of all the parties’ work, as well as supply reliable information to the project’s quantity and cost management (QIM) and time management (LEAN).

What the service offers

  • The information model helps you identify engineering deficiencies in time and before construction.
  • The information model provides all of the parties with a uniform picture of the project.
  • With our help you can launch and control the model process safely in the right direction.
  • You can focus on management and coordination at engineering meetings.
  • Through us you can ensure cost-effective inspection routines based on model technology for your project.
  • You can avoid the expensive process of recruiting and training an information model coordinator.
  • We provide a flexible coordinator capacity to secure your entire project portfolio.
  • In addition to a coordinator, your project will receive the support of an entire model inspection team.
  • You ensure a reliable information model that benefits calculation and production.