Fimpec’s EPCM services offer a clear and predictable method for seeing an investment project through to completion. As an EPCM service provider, we can manage a project on our customer’s behalf or as their assistant, or offer the necessary project management services for all phases of a project. We are responsible for all engineering, coordination, procurement, construction management and supervision required for an investment in accordance with a budget and schedule agreed together with the customer.

The service helps to see a project through in a pre-agreed manner, using sustainable solutions and in a way that gets the investment to profit in accordance with the customer’s targets. Our comprehensive EPCM service includes the following services, which are also available separately.

  • Project development and engineering management.
  • Permit management.
  • Engineering and management of engineering data and project documentation.
  • Quantity information, schedule and procurements.
  • Site management and supervision tasks during the construction phase.
  • Tasks relating to the commissioning and handover phase.

What the service offers

  • Low need for the customer’s own resources. The customer can focus on their core operations.
  • The customer continually has a say in the progress of the project.
  • Service flexibility.
  • The project can be initiated quickly, because the project management and engineering services arepurchased at once.
  • Rapid distribution of information and decision-making.
  • Our service always includes good technical and process solutions along with a skilled team of experts.