Fimpec’s cost management services help to safeguard the owner’s benefit throughout the entire construction project and ensure that costs remain within budget. They include quantity calculation services, cost and agreement management services, and cost estimates. In our services, we combine our varied and extensive experience of practical projects and our experience with the opportunities provided by modern ICT.

The Quantity Information Management (QIM) concept we have developed plays a key role. It offers a useful tool for managing costs in different areas of even major construction projects, such as material procurement, scheduling, and site management, resource allocation and procurement. Precision quantity information management allows for significant cost savings. It also helps you to ascertain the right cost level during the early phase of the construction project.

What the service offers

  • The project stays within budget.
  • Consistent and updated quantity information is available throughout the project.
  • The customer and other project parties can use accurate and updated quantity information.
  • Lean management can be used to reduce loss, because the data is correct.
  • Possibility to utilise post-calculation information.