As an experienced cost expert, we safeguard the customer’s interests throughout the construction project and make sure that costs stay within budget. A key role is played by the QIM concept we developed for quantity information management. Reliable real-time information (QIM) can be found behind every cost decision.

Services for construction project cost management:

  • quantity calculation services
  • budget calculations and cost estimates based on the degree of completion of the plans, as a reference information, parameter, unit price or deliverable and input calculation
  • in addition to the overall budget, procurement package budgets, cash flow forecasts and risk analyses, among other things
  • cost and agreement management services
    information model-based quantity management services to support production
  • cost management, final calculation and post-calculation for contracts.

Detailed management of quantity information brings significant cost savings to projects.

In the services, we combine our extensive and diverse intellectual capital and experience with the opportunities offered by modern ICT. We are pioneers in information model-based calculation and we coordinate all of our projects’ information models to be calculable. Reliable quantity information is also a prerequisite for efficient schedule management for projects.

What the service offers

  • Reliable cost estimate already at the project engineering phase.
  • Reliable cost management keeps the project within budget.
  • All quantity calculation services from the same supplier.
  • Better project decisions – uniform, reliable and continually updating quantity information is available throughout the project.
  • Worksite quantity management services increase the efficiency of production cost management.
  • Precise and up-to-date quantities enable LEAN management and reliable schedules (e.g. Takt), which in turn decreases waste.
  • The final calculation for contracts ensures that implementation has occurred as agreed and that invoicing is accurate.
  • Post-calculation offers valuable information for managing future projects.