Fimpec offers comprehensive solutions for the energy industry’s engineering needs. We are familiar with various energy sources and have both competence and experience with renewable energy and new technology, such as fourth-generation district heating networks, district heating accumulators, and heat pumps. Our ability to combine our energy industry expertise with our experience from a wide range of industrial projects generates added value for the customer.

Our services cover all project services from feasibility studies, investigations and profitability calculations to implementation and maintenance engineering. We move the project forward in a cost-efficient way that focuses on the customer’s key needs. We stick to what the customer needs; nothing unnecessary.

What the service offers

  • Services and plans that meet the customer’s needs.
  • Professional expertise in managing projects and tendering public procurements.
  • Cost-effective and flexible approach.
  • Perspectives on future needs and development trends.
  • Sufficient resources to carry out even major projects.
  • Practical expertise and experience from projects.