We are a project consultant in the industrial and energy industries, and a specialist in the real estate and infrastructure sectors.

Fimpec provides services adapted to the needs of specific projects in the industrial and energy industries as well as in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our know-how from various industries is at our customers’ disposal.

We are able to help our customers in our chosen areas of operation through all phases of their project from start to finish, or in selected phases.

Our core resources are our specialist competence, problem-solving abilities, professional skills, working methods, and tools. These generate value for the customer that can be measured in monetary terms as increased profits or savings.

We don’t settle for just the best possible result; we also think that the way in which the result is achieved is important. Our collaboration is based on transparency, responsibility, listening, and the capacity to continuously develop our own operations in an agile way. We guarantee that we keep our promises.


Industrial projects require special expertise and an understanding of the particular needs of industrial construction. Fimpec has this competence in both project management and engineering.


We offer different sectors of the energy industry comprehensive solutions that help our customers on their path towards low-emission energy production.

Real estate

Fimpec can take responsibility for investors’ and user-owners’ real estate projects – always finding the best possible method of implementation for each project.


At Fimpec, we believe that a successful infrastructure construction project should be easy and effortless for the customer – and as a skilled partner, that’s what we provide.