Management for any project

Fimpec’s project management services revolve around safeguarding our customers’ interests and helping them to complete projects on time and within budget. We offer these services in our entire area of operation, covering the industrial and energy industries plus the infrastructure and real estate sectors.

Our project management services are available for all phases of a project (feasibility study and project engineering, basic engineering, implementation engineering, implementation and supervision) to the extent required by the customer.

The basis for a successful project is created during the initial phase

Experience has shown that we are most useful if we are involved as early on in the project as possible. This means that we can have the most impact on key decisions and costs. The majority of key decisions regarding project completion and budget are made during the basic engineering/project engineering phase, which is where up to 90% of costs are locked in.

This is also the phase of the project where it is most possible to influence costs. It is also the right phase to plan the completion of the project and to prepare the most significant procurements. If we’re already involved in this phase, we can help our customers to see the risks and pitfalls of plans, to create realistic plans and budgets, and – of course – to implement them.