Managing a project’s occupational safety and related obligations appropriately and effectively requires expertise and an active approach to safety planning, as well as the consideration and supervision of occupational safety issues. Fimpec has the competence for this, so we are able to offer our customers comprehensive and target-oriented safety management to maintain and develop occupational safety, working conditions and the working environment at every stage of the project.

HSE services are available from Fimpec separately or as part of a wider service package. The division of labour is always agreed on a case-specific basis with the customer. In all cases, the best results are achieved if our experts are involved in the project from the feasibility study and engineering phase, so that they can provide their safety perspectives early on.

HSE services are available in all our areas of operation.

What the service offers

  • Competent and conscientious professionals with expertise and proof of the exemplary completion of HSE tasks on various construction and installation projects from preparation to handover.
  • Fimpec’s HSE experts are supported by the whole company’s expertise and tried-and-tested operating methods.
  • Experience with safety planning, which ensures predictability and a systematic approach.
  • Robust project management competence, as our HSE experts’ skills combine extensive experience in the construction industry with their familiarity with occupational safety issues and legislation.
  • We help to identify the project’s occupational safety risks at every phase and collaborate with other parties and experts to eliminate risks.